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For a team to work productively, there must be good communication, positive engagement, and a sense of trust and respect between its members. Dance activities contribute to those and much more.  Incorporating dance into your team-building strategy offers a wide range of benefits for both the team and the individual.

Dancing is the perfect platform for bringing teams together to encourage collaborative work, sharing of ideas, and creative thinking.

Dance team-building workshops can help your employees improve:

* Leadership Skills,
* Communication, 
* New Bonds and Friendships, 
* Commitment and Trust,
* Company Morale
* Teamwork
* Creativity
* Self Confidence
*Conflict Resolution


Break Dance Crew
Working Together

Havana Dance Center designs activities to ensure maximum benefits for your business. We customize our programs to accommodate your needs and goals.  This could be in the form of individual, group, or department presentations.


Single-day events include group lessons and mini-performances.  At the end of the day, employees would have the opportunity to showcase what they have learned.


If you prefer a long-term event, this would consist of regularly scheduled visits.  At the culmination of the event, there would be a performance at either the studio or company retreat. A showcase may be the re-creation of popular music videos, dance routines from a movie or play, or a dance competition between company employees.


Employees interested in supplemental instuction would be offered private and group lessons at a discount for the duration of the team-building program. in is a popular choice on business and tech sites. It's also a good font for creating page titles with impact.

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Create a strong rapport among residents and establish a positive and safe environment that everyone can be proud of.  A strong community will become invested in maintaining a secure place to call home.

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