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Our classes are child-centered and age-appropriate in Ballet, Jazz Hip-Hop, Ballroom & Latin. We provide  a fun and rich training ground for dancers of all ages and abilities, inspiring young dancers to strive for both excellence and meaningful skill and creativity.   


Come learn new moves and routines with choreography taught by Miss Johanna, a Professional Dancer and Performer. She will get you dancing through the decades as well as bring you on an adventure across the world while dancing to all styles and genres of music.

Motivating a child to successfully express themselves through music and movement without focusing on technical lapses, as other classes often do.  Johanna inspires children to feel comfortable pushing through a challenge, to feel the satisfaction from learning steps and routines and the gratification of performing.  They will walk away proud of what they have accomplished, and parents will be delighted to see their children complete short routines in a healthy and positive way.

Classes begin April 1st, 2014

Register now and save a place for your child before admission closes!

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